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​Greg's Story

Our Weight Management Program has been a major part of Dr. Sewell's practice since 2001. Effect January 2020 we will be seeing patients in the Wise County Medical & Surgical Clinic in Decatur, Texas. All surgical procedures will still be performed at the Texas Health - Southlake Hospital, a truly state of the art surgical facility. 

Dr. Sewell is an investor in the Texas Health - Southlake Hospital, a Joint Venture with Texas Health Resources. Dr. Sewell is not an employee of the hospital, Texas Health Resources or any of its affiliates. 

"12 years ago you guys changed my life when I had the Lap Band surgery.  I weighed 355 and could not climb a flight of stairs.  I made it down to 270 pounds and maintained that weight.  I had a better lifestyle and felt good in general.  Two years ago in July my Lap Band slipped and I had all the fluid taken out, and I went back to a weight of 325 pounds.  Started to feel bad again and the end of October, 2014, Dr. Sewell took the Lap Band out and converted me to a Gastric Sleeve.  What a different that has made in my life.  Today I got up and weighed.  I am at 235 pounds."

"My overall experience has been really, really positive in every way... but, when you choose a doctor I think it's the aftercare you get that's most important. Whether it's nutrition counseling or meeting with the doctor, I think that was the piece that really made it a huge success for me."  Sandra 

     This mother/daughter duo tell their whole story in a series of videos. 

Sandra and Lindsey

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"Today I competed in and completed the Fort Worth’s Mayors Triathlon Sprint (300 meter Swim, 15 Mile Bike, 5K Run).  I set this goal last November.  I have a good friend that got me into biking.  He became my accountability partner.  I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer to teach me the proper way to exercise without hurting myself.  It also helps that Melinda and Breanna also had the Gastric Sleeve so we could do this together.  After the surgery Dr. Sewell told me he expected me to reach a weight of 230 or even lower.  I giggled and thought to myself that will never happen.  I weighed 240 when I graduated college.  Today I set a new target weight of 220 by this time next year when I compete in my second Fort Worth’s Mayor Triathlon Sprint. 
     Thanks again for helping me get my life on track."  -  
Greg, F.

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