TNE - Transnasal Esophagoscopy

LINX - Antireflux System

Hiatal Hernia Repair

Gastric Sleeve

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Martin - Hiatal Hernia Repair 

Grace - Band to Sleeve


Part 4 - Experience Summary

Nancy - LINX Procedure

Mother & Daughter both had Gastric Sleeve

Sue - Hiatal Hernia Repair 

Dianna - Hiatal Hernia Repair 

Part 3 - Offer Their Advice

Lanette - Gastric Sleeve

Husband & Wife -

Hiatal Hernia Repairs 

Jay - LINX Procedure

Brandon - Gastric Sleeve

Stephanie - Gastric Sleeve

Reflux Patients

Weight Loss Patients

Brittany - Hiatal Hernia Repair 

Part 2 - Sleeve Diet

Part 1 - Discuss Success