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LINX - Antireflux System

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"Renewing the SPIRIT of Health Care"

We recognize that providing the highest quality healthcare for our patients must be our primary objective. However, over the last few decades the major issues facing our system of health care revolve more around payments than patients. Numerous influences outside of medicine have attempted to seize control of health care decision making by both patients and physicians. The result has been a gradual crushing of the very spirit of many professionals as they struggle with conflicting pressures and incentives. We believe renewing the traditional healing spirit is critical to establishing an environment of confidence and trust with our patients. We offer the following statements of our mission and our values as evidence of our commitment.

“The SPIRIT of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken SPIRIT?” PRV 18:14

Our Business Mission Statement:

"Renew the SPIRIT of Healthcare by returning to a patient centered philosophy"

Our Values:

S Surgical care is the most personal service most people ever receive. For this reason our first value is an unwavering commitment to


P  The process of providing appropriate, quality healthcare demands that everyone involved exhibit the highest level of

I Our colleagues, our employees and especially our patients deserve an environment based on individual and corporate

R It is imperative that each physician, each employee and each patient recognize and accept their individual

I     Surgical care is a continuously evolving healing art, and the pursuit of excellence demands continuous

TOur patients expect and have come to demand excellence as we provide the latest in minimally invasive surgical


Our Mission Statement